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Georgia’s legislative session nears end | Raleigh News & Observer

Georgia’s legislative session nears end | Raleigh News & ObserverBrian Kemp to pursue a Medicaid waiver and allow the in-state production and sale of low-potency medical marijuana oil. MEDICAID Sign Up and Save Get six months of free digital access to The News & Observer SUBSCRIBE WITH GOOGLE #ReadLocal A bill authorizing Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to pursue a Medicaid waiver cleared a House panel on Wednesday. The measure gives Georgia the flexibility to adopt a more conservative plan than full Medicaid expansion, which Democrats support. It caps eligibility for any Medicaid expansion to those at or below the federal poverty level, limiting the number of Georgians who could be covered. Republican Sen. Blake Tillery, who is carrying the legislation for Kemp, has said the bill allows the governor to "define and develop a Georgia-tailored solution to a Georgia problem." Several health care providers testified in favor of the bill at Wednesday's hearing, saying it would help reduce the number of uninsured Georgians. But some patient advocates said they wished the bill went further by removing the eligibility cap. Critics say the plan could cost more than full Medicaid expansion and cover less people. The proposal passed the Senate in February, and could soon move to the House floor for a vote. AIRPORT TAKEOVER After appearing to stall in the Georgia House, a proposal for the state to take control of Atlanta's airport has been tacked onto another bill in an attempt to resurrect it. It was added to a bill that would extend a current tax exemption on

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