9/22/2019 Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services Arizona Capitol Times   Share to Facebook  Share on Google+  

House dumps bid to make marijuana extracts legal

House dumps bid to make marijuana extracts legalRepublican lawmakers rejected a bid Thursday to clarify that edible forms of marijuana made from extracts are legal. On a 29-29 tie the House beat back a proposal by Rep. Randall Friese, D-Tucson, to spell out in law that what voters legalized in 2010 for medical use includes not just the dried flowers of the marijuana plant but also any extracts, resins and concentrates. More to the point, he sought to specifically include the words “edible” as a permissible form of marijuana. Friese, a doctor, pointed out that the 2010 law permits those with certain medical conditions to obtain up to 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana every two weeks. And he noted that the conditions that qualify for medical marijuana include seizures, with doctors allowed to recommend the drug to parents for their children. “It would be easier for them to get the medication if we allowed the edibles,” he told colleagues. Friese acknowledged that his proposal comes just days after Deputy Yavapai County Attorney Benjamin Kreutzberg argued to the Arizona Supreme Court that voters never intended to legalize anything other than the use of the flowers and leaves. Kreutzberg in essence is asking the justices to rule that all the other forms of marijuana now available through state-licensed dispensaries including the candies, liquids and oils can no longer be sold in the state. Friese’s proposal, had it been enacted, would have made whatever the high court decides legally moot. But he was unapologetic for asking the Legislature to weigh

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