11/12/2019 Keith Benman WWNY   Share to Facebook  Share on Google+  

Mohawks, marijuana and NY law

Mohawks, marijuana and NY lawFollowing New York state, the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation is deciding on legalizing medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. This brings about a bunch of questions. St. Regis Mohawk members will vote December 14 on legalizing recreational marijuana. If they approve, the tribe will develop rules covering growing, processing and sales. We want to be sure that we have regulations and measures in place for when it becomes legalized in New York state, said Brendan White, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe communications director. Mohawk members also will vote on a medical marijuana ordinance. Sales of medical marijuana could start within six months. Sales may be open to people living elsewhere if it can be arranged with the state. Along Route 37 in Akwesasne territory, a number of shops already do a booming business in cut-rate cigarettes, CBD oils and smoking devices. Shop owners think the actions on legalizing marijuana will help them add new, and possibly lucrative, product lines. I see this as an opportunity for individual businesses to come forward, said White. But law enforcement in St. Lawrence County remains wary of any effort to make recreational marijuana legal whether state or tribal. We're worried about everything. We're worried about traffic safety. We're worried about still the illegal sales that are going to go on. Who's expected to enforce the law, said St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells. And the problems don't go away just because it's legal. "They're in a household, the kids are in the house. The kids have their

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