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Nothing wrong with calling marijuana pot

Nothing wrong with calling marijuana potAs an individual who once consumed marijuana and worked in the marijuana industry for a year and a half, I believe that it is OK to use the word pot (Stop calling marijuana by the 70s perjorative pot, Aug. 20). My corporation instructed us budtenders to use the word cannabis when selling marijuana. When I was talking to patients in the dispensary using the word cannabis, some of them had no idea what I was talking about. There was confusion, then they would exclaim,Oh, you mean pot! Advertisement Pot has been a frequently used and understood historical term for marijuana. Pot is also an accurate word. Using the sanitized word cannabis does not change the actual negative properties of marijuana usage: amotivation, addiction and physical and mental harm to users. Anne Hassel, Chicopee, Massachusetts Add your voice: Respond to this piece or other Sun content by submitting your own letter. Advertisement Most Read Readers Respond Return Home More reasons poor people end up with high utility bills Advertisement Advertisement

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