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Utah Voters Just Legalized Medical Marijuana. Will It Matter? | Leafly

Utah Voters Just Legalized Medical Marijuana. Will It Matter? | LeaflyUtah voters came out in force Tuesday, voting by a healthy margin to legalize medical cannabis statewide. As of 10 p.m. local time, with 54% of precincts reporting, the measure had a 54.145.9% lead. So what happens next? RELATED STORYElection 2018: Cannabis Legalization Coverage and Results First, you celebrate. Legalization in Utah was a hard-won and symbolic victory, a sign that the benefits of medical cannabis are beating out the myths that prop up prohibition. Now Utahns just have to wait and see what their elected officials do. Second, you come to terms with the reality that the measure Utah voters just passed might not actually mean much. The result was, as the Washington Post described it, essentially a foregone conclusion regardless of what happened at the polls. About a month before Election Day, leaders on both sides of the issue announced that theyd struck a deal to establish a separate, more limited medical cannabis program than the one laid out in Proposition 2. It was a compromise aimed at finding common ground between the two camps and putting an end to what had turned into heated campaign rhetoric. Lawmakers have promised to get to work on passing the billthe complete text of which is available herein a special legislative session expected to convene later this month. This will allow them to more or less ignore Prop. 2, because the Legislature in Utah is able to amend approved initiatives on a simple majority vote. RELATED STORYUtahs Grand Bargain on Medical

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