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Wickliffe medical marijuana dispensary The Botanist sees strong initial response

Wickliffe medical marijuana dispensary The Botanist sees strong initial responseMedical marijuana has become a legal and viable healthcare treatment option for Ohioans. For The Botanist dispensary, which opened in Wickliffe this past in February, the time since has been a race to establish themselves amid a budding frontier.Our grand vision has always been to be the true north of this program, Botanist co-founder Dave Neundorfer said.For Neundorfer, who also owns and operates Willoughby-based cleantech firm Neundorfer Inc., medical marijuana presented a fascinating opportunity to be part of a brand new market and be one of the first businesses involved in building it.His retail interests found a constructive counterbalance in Kate Nelsons personal history which led her to become one of The Botanists fellow founders.Shortly after graduating from law school with a focus on medical marijuana legislation, Nelson became caretaker to her grandmother who was suffering with stage four bone cancer.Towards the end of her life we talked with her doctor to see if medical marijuana would be an option, she recounts. His response was well, it could be but its not legal here and I dont know enough about it. She passed away shortly afterwards and was never able to find out if medical cannabis could have been an alternative to the morphine she was on. Buy Now The medical marijuana sold at Wickliffe's Botanist dispensary are maintained and handled with a secure clinical approach. Adam Dodd - The News-Herald Medical marijuana became a crusade for Nelson whose passion was matched by Neundorfers ambitions. The two, along with their

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