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Wisconsin's new hemp industry blooms; will marijuana be far behind?

Wisconsin's new hemp industry blooms; will marijuana be far behind?When Abbie Testaberg married her husband, Jody, in 2010, she told him to quit his job. He had been working for a medical marijuana co-operative in California when the couple met in Wisconsin. I wanted him to forget what he was good at and passionate about and get a real job and we could move on with our lives, Testaberg said. He did that, and moved to River Falls, Wisconsin. There, the Testabergs and Abbies mother ran a cafe. One year later, the Testabergs first child was born with a chromosome abnormality, and two years later, her younger son was born with spina bifida, a failure of the spine to grow properly. Abbie Testaberg did all she could to keep their children healthy, and part of that included pursuing alternative treatments in addition to Western medicine. This exploration of alternatives led Testaberg back to her husbands previous job cannabis. Thinking about alternative healing and wellness options for my kids opened me to the realities of medical cannabis, which my husband already knew, Testaberg said. On the journey, so far, my biggest interest is better understanding the plant and the endocannabinoid system to consider how my children may benefit. Emily Hamer / Wisconsin Center for Investigative JournalismAbbie Testaberg smiles at her husband Jody in what will become one of their hemp grow rooms in River Falls, Wis. Right now, the room serves as a space for their two sons to ride bikes. We have lots of dreams and visions for the

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